Happy Photoshopaversary!

2015 Photoshopaversary 1

Sarah here. Today is a very special day for me… it’s my first Photoshopaversary! One year ago today, I downloaded Photoshop and took my first wobbly steps on the path of composite images and digital art.

I was already a pretty competent Lightroom user, and I’d used Gimp occasionally for simple things. Andrew had given me a Wacom tablet, which I now consider pretty much indispensable for Photoshop. I’d been playing with photography for about a year and a half and enjoyed it, but hadn’t really found that spark of inspiration… until I watched this SmugMug video on Benjamin Von Wong, and realized that photography doesn’t just have to be about capturing the real world. It can be about bringing the unreal to life. Picking up Photoshop was a step into a new world where anything was possible, limited only by imagination and skill level… and both of those can always be pushed further. I still have a very long way to go, but I’ve come a long way, and this is a journey without a destination. The journey IS the destination.

A quick shout-out to my Photoshop/photography heroes (more detail on them to come in later posts), in the order I discovered them: Benjamin Von Wong, Renee Robyn, Corey Barker, Aaron Nace of Phlearn, and Roy Korpel. I am awed by all of these artists, and their work regularly makes me say, “I want to do THAT!”

A million thanks to each of them for filling my head with amazing and beautiful images, and opening up new worlds of possibility and potential.

(I’m going to try to make an annual tradition of making a Photoshopaversary doodle, and I figured I’d set the bar pretty low on my first –last minute, wildly procrastinated– effort. It was a good chance to play with 3D, at least, which I haven’t done enough of yet.)

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