Welcome to our corner of the internet! We’re Andrew and Sarah, of Unnatural Imagery. Andrew’s a nature, macro, and landscape photographer, and Sarah is an artist-with-a-camera who spends most of her time in Photoshop.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sarah, where did you learn Photoshop to create an image like Tribal Fusion and Cherry Blossom? If you haven’t heard of Photoshop educators like KelbyOne and CreativeLive, it would absolutely be worth your while — though, admittedly, your work looks like someone who should be teaching rather than learning.


    1. Hi, Jim! Thank you for the kind words. Andrew and I are indeed KelbyOne members (I ❤ Corey Barker), and I've also learned a lot from Phlearn.com. The Cherry Blossom image was inspired by a double exposure article in Photoshop Creative magazine (we grab piles of old photography/Photoshop magazines when they're on sale; great for inspiration and new tricks), and I did Tribal Fusion after getting some ideas from a tutorial recommended by Phlearn here: http://phlearn.com/9-cool-photoshop-tutorials-beginner-advanced (#7 on the list). I haven't checked out CreativeLive, but I will do so; thanks for the recommendation!


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Washington, D.C.-based photography and digital art, natural and unnatural.

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