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Making Magic

Sarah here!

The thing I love about compositing is that it gives me an excuse to take pictures of just about anything, anywhere. I’m not a landscape or nature photographer (I leave that to Andrew), but you never know when you might want a particular scene as a background. Thus when we went on vacation to the Olympic Peninsula last year, I found plenty to keep me busy while Andrew and his brother were shooting waterfalls and epic forest scenes.

Alas, the rainforest was not as cool and lush and rainy as we’d hoped… in fact, it was hot and dry. We were also hoping for overcast skies, but we got sun with hardly a cloud in sight. Most of our photographs were taken in the middle of the day, since we had more places we wanted to visit during our brief stay than we had golden hours (and it was a vacation, so I admit, we were often lazy in the mornings).

In summary, we had hoped to capture magical green rainforests, but we ended up with a lot of brown and some very harsh light. It was still lovely, but it wasn’t quite what we’d been dreaming of. Below is one of my better straight-out-of-camera shots… I spent a lot of time at this bend in the path because that mossy lump next to the trail looked like some kind of beastie, and I knew I’d want to play with it later.

A scene from the Olympic Peninsula, straight out of the camera.

The out-of-camera background looks pretty flat, but it has good bones. With a lovely and interesting subject, some Orton glow, color toning, and a little straight-up magic, it turned into something that makes me smile to look at. Goes to show that saving pictures comes in handy sometimes, even you don’t quite know what to do with them at the time.

Hello internets!

Hello, peoples of the interwebs!  Sarah here, and I’m one half of Unnatural Imagery.  I’m a photographer and digital artist based in the Washington, D.C. area.  I’m a geek, and my work is usually influenced by fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, and video games.

The other half of our duo is… well…. my other half, Andrew.  He’s the intrepid adventurer, a.k.a. nature, landscape, and macro photographer.  He’ll be weighing in here from time to time, too.

This blog will be a work in progress (what isn’t, really?), since we don’t know who will be stumbling over our little corner of the net, but we’re thinking we’ll use this space to share what we’ve been up to, show some behind-the-scenes, and introduce you to our sources of inspiration.

If you’ve managed to find this post, thanks for reading!  Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see here, and we’re looking forward to sharing our images with you!